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One Week of Recovery and Crafting

Last week, L’s mom and I had a private tour of the LA Flower Market in Downtown LA. After the tour, we had breakfast at a cute little restaurant attached to the market called Poppy + Rose, before heading out to explore the fabric and fashion districts nearby. I picked up some sweet stretchy animal prints and a lightweight superman cotton print I that had planned to turn into PJs for L.

I was super excited to start working on my growing list of projects, but at 3AM the next morning all my plans were shot down when I awoke to sharp, stabbing pains in my gut.
L rushed me to the ER once the pains escalated to the point where I was trembling and sweating all over. Turned out, my appendix was inflamed and it needed to be removed ASAP. Thankfully, the surgeon was able to squeeze me in the same night.

The doctor recommended to wait at least a week before returning to work since my job as a massage therapist can be labor-intensive. One week. My excitement fueled my recovery the next morning. I made lists of things I wanted to craft on my week off and hoped that they would discharge me before Joann closes so I could pass by to use my 50% off coupon on my way home.

It was getting late, and I still hadn’t heard from the doctor, and all I could think of was, “Darnit, I have to wait until tomorrow to go to the fabric store??? WTH…?!” L could probably sense my anxiety, because he ended up picking up some supplies for me so I would have something to work on while I wait. He is such a sweetheart <3. When he finally got back, they had just told me I was going home that night! Funny how that turns out, right?

This post features the two dresses I made with the animal prints I got from LA. The first one is a faux-wrap dress with 3/4 sleeves. It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but there is a bit of ruching in the side seams at the waist to give it a more flattering fit. The second dress here is a simple short sleeved circle dress. If you’d like to know how I created the patterns for either of these dresses let me know in the comments below, and I will post a tutorial of the process.

***Special thank you to my lovely sister, Caity, for spending the day with me and capturing these beautiful photos!

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