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{Weekend Project} Tzolk’in

Over the last year, Lawrence and I have delved into the world of tabletop games. These are not your normal games like Monopoly or Scrabble! Most of our favorite games are part of a subcategory called “Eurogames”, in which you can find more info on at Board Game Geek.

This is what the original gears and temples look like on the game board.

Tzolk’in is one of those so-called Eurogames that we love so much! It has gears that turn each round, and you really need to think at least a few steps ahead. There is very little luck (aka no dice chucking) so getting higher on the score track feels so much more rewarding. 

Here’s an up close photo of the workers and one of the temples after priming.
Painting progress of the workers.

A few months ago, Lawrence found a company, called Shapeways, that creates 3D printed pieces for the game. He bought a set of temples to go on top of the gears, and some workers to replace the wooden dowels that originally came with the game. We have been meaning to paint these for quite some time and we finally got around to doing it this past weekend.

Here are the temples after dry brushing and dark washing.

In hindsight, we probably should have split the work up into two separate weekends, since we spent roughly 15 hours painting (or at least I did). After the initial frustration over the paint not drying to a smooth finish, everything started coming together into a cohesive set of parts. 

One of the temples after painting the base.

The material we used are:

  • Krylon Color Master Paint+Primer (Black)
  • Fine Surface Primer (White)
  • Krylon Matte Finish 
  • Master’s Touch Acrylic Paint Set
  • Large Bristle Brush
  • Small Brushes
  • Simply Tacky (to hold smaller pieces in place while paint dried)

Painted workers in front of one of the resource dividers that Lawrence made from foam core.

We will definitely have another crafty weekend pimping out our other games. We have several games that come with little miniatures that would be really fun to add color to. Games such Bloodrage, Descent, and Arcadia Quest. My next project, however, will be these little blank canvases that Lawrence bought as an addition to one of our all-time favorite games, Gallerist.

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